About Innovation in Learning in Ontario

Ontario’s graduates are entering a world that is more competitive, globally connected, and technologically engaged than any other period in history. All around the world, various jurisdictions are exploring how to prepare their students to lead fulfilling lives, be productive citizens, and thrive in rapidly changing, global knowledge-based economies that are driven by technology.

Increasingly, global competencies (e.g. transferrable skills), are being recognized by researchers and employers as essential for student success in an interconnected world. The term “global competencies” encompasses knowledge, skills and attitudes/values. The need to develop global competencies has always been at the core of learning and innovation. What’s new in the 21st century is the call for education systems to explicitly emphasize and integrate competencies in teaching and assessment practices.

Ontario is committed to moving forward on innovation and the integration of global competencies. In 2017 the Ministry of Education created the Incubation and Design Branch for this purpose.

In August 2017, the Ministry announced a new Innovation in Learning Fund (ILF), a $10M per-year ongoing investment towards fostering greater innovation in learning and teaching to support the development of global competencies in students. The Incubation and Design Branch supports this fund. Through the ILF, each District School Board, School Authority Board, and the Provincial Schools Branch will receive a yearly allocation to:

  • Provide professional development opportunities that empower educators to facilitate learning experiences that foster deeper learning and global competencies in students.

  • Implement innovations in learning and teaching (“innovation projects”) that will help to foster deeper learning and global competencies in students

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The Ministry has also launched the “Innovation in Learning Resource.” This Resource will be valuable to boards, school and system leaders and educators as they plan their innovation journey.

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