Financial Literacy in Action: Science

The resources below are organized by grade, but the videos, teaching and learning examples and other resources found within can be useful in numerous teaching and learning situations across different subjects.

Videos, Viewer Guides and Lesson Plans    

Grade 9 & 11 Science    

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Science   MP4
• Science (SNC1P)   MP4
• Environmental Science (SVN3M)   MP4
Transcript   PDF
Viewer Guide   PDF
Viewer Guide for Professional Learning Facilitators   PDF
Lesson Plan – Science (SNC1P)   PDF
Lesson Plan – Environmental Science (SVN3M)   PDF

Teaching and Learning Examples    

Financial Literacy in Grade 9 Science: Reducing Electricity Costs (SNC1P) PDF
Financial Literacy in Grade 12 Science: Rate of Reactions, Fueling a Decision! (SCH4U) PDF

Subject Association Supporting Materials    

Science Teachers’ Association of Ontario (STAO)

  • Grade 9 Science (SNC1D/1P) – The Characteristics and Applications of Electricity Lesson Plan