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About Us!

EduGAINS is a website that houses ministry developed resources to support policies and programs related to improved learning and teaching - Kindergarten to Grade 12 - in Ontario schools.

The key audience for this website is the classroom educator and those in roles with the responsibility to support them, including:
- School Leaders
- System Leaders
- Professional Learning Facilitators

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Updates and News


Literacy K-12  

SCOPE Research Synopsis

Check out our newest set of literacy resources. SCOPE Research Synopses are intended to support professional learning about issues related to literacy learning. Each research synopsis is part of a series based on various topics. The first series focuses on the power of collective efficacy in supporting student learning.


Mathematics K-12  
New from

Catch a Bouncing Ball Operations game, Colour Tiles and the Set Tool are available as desktop and from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Rekenrek, Relational Rods+ and Notepad are now available in French. Annotation Tools has been updated to include the ability to copy annotation objects.

Literacy K-12  
Adolescent Literacy: Book Project

Book Project 2.0 and Book Project 2.1:Re-imaging the Novel Study
shows how inquiry, annotation and choice were key aspects as part of guiding students to think deeply about ideas related to their novel study. The resource includes a series of videos and a facilitator's guide.

Click on < Professional Learning Content / Book Project 2.0 & 2.1 > in the left menu
under the Professional Learning Facilitator tab of the Literacy K-12 site.

Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting  

Second Annual Assessment Summer Symposium
July & August 2017

Using Assessment to Inform Teacher Practice & Pedagogical Moves in the K-12 Classroom

The Second Annual Assessment Summer Symposium will focus on the assessment process, with a closer look at assessment, evaluation and reporting practices that go into a rich and differentiated learning experience for students in K-12 classrooms.

Participants will have opportunities to meet and work with other K-12 educators from across the province, to develop methods to plan and provide descriptive feedback to students to move their learning forward. Digital tools and processes will support learning in this symposium, and participants will develop and build an e-portfolio to summarize and showcase their learning at the end of the four days.

Click < here > for additional information and registration.

21st Century Learning  
New Parent Resources

New parent resources from, posted to the 21st Century Learning Making Connections page:

Getting The Most Out of Video Games
This guide provides information on video game ratings, ways to pick good games for your kids, tools for avoiding unexpected charges, and tips for managing game playing in the home.

The Digital Citizenship Guide for Parents
Designed to prepare parents and guardians for the conversations they should have with their children when they first start using digital devices.

· Project Shift: Creating a Safer World for Young Women
A Guide for Trusted Adults: Practical Tips and Tools for Supporting Girls and Young Women Navigating Life Online.


ELL - Twitter Chat

Welcome to the @ELLontario twitter chat. It is a learning tool that will inspire educators of English language learners (ELLs) through the sharing of innovative ideas and strategies that support their students.

Join us for our next twitter chat on Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at 7:30-8:30 pm EST.

The hashtag, #ELLontario will allow you to connect and engage with educators on the topic of

Effective Strategies to Support ELLs.

Literacy K-12  
Twitter Chat: Disciplinary Literacy for Deeper Thinking

Welcome to the @LiteracyON twitter chat. We are using this tool to inspire educators of Literacy K - 12 through the sharing of innovative ideas, strategies and resources that support their students. Join us for our next twitter chat on Monday, April 24 at 7:30-8:30pm EST. The hashtag #LiteracyON will allow you to connect and engage with educators from across the province and beyond on the topic of Disciplinary literacy for deeper thinking.

ELL Summer Symposium

Now posted information and registration forms for the 2017 Summer Symposium, “Bridging the Divide: Supporting English Language Learners in Mathematics”.

Click < here > for the "Supporting English Language Learners in Mathematics” registration form or click on the first slide of the carousel on the ELL home page.

21st Century Learning  

Technology and Learning Fund (TLF)

A Guide to Implementation: Updated 2017

In an effort to bring innovation to learning, the government introduced the Technology and Learning Fund (TLF) in 2014 as a three-year, multi-faceted investment designed to support transformation in teaching and learning in Ontario.


Mathematics K-12  
New Fractions Tasks and Resources Available

Six new tasks, one for each of the comparing fractions cells, are now available with additional support materials. Also, a new short research summary, entitled Math for Teaching: Rectangles, Number Lines and Circles,Oh My! provides strategies for supporting students in selecting representations with longevity.
Click < here > for Fractions Learning Pathways.
Click < here > for Fractions Teaching Supports.

Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting  
New Video Resources Available for Gathering Valid and Reliable Evidence of Learning

What does assessment and evaluation look like in secondary classrooms? Watch this new video series, with accompanying viewing guides, to learn more about assessment for, as and of learning in cross-disciplinary secondary classrooms.


Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting  
Assessment Website Feedback

Please take a moment to share your thoughts about the Assessment section of the EduGAINS website.

We are eager to hear from you as we prepare to refresh our website to best meet the needs of its users! If you share your email at the end of this feedback form, you will be entered into a draw to win a collection of Assessment Leadership resources.

Click < here > to complete our Feedback form.

Literacy K-12  
OSSLT Supports – Quick Reference For Leaders

The resource will be of value to district school board and school leaders as they support educators and students preparing for the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) on March 30, 2017. The resource is adapted from the “Immediate Actions” sections of the 2016 Student Achievement Literacy Planning Resource: Grades 7-12 released to district school boards in September 2016.


Kindergarten Update

The Kindergarten domain has been updated. Check out the resources now organized into the sections in The Kindergarten Program.

See the new resource layout on the < Kindergarten > site of EduGAINS.


Literacy K-12  
Disciplinary Literacy: Growing our Understanding (Three-Part Series) Grades 7-12

An additional date has been added for Part II of the Disciplinary Literacy webinar series. 
This three-part series will provide educators with opportunities for discussion and learning to support students in grade 7-12 classrooms, with a particular focus on reading in the content areas. Specifically, participants will learn how to help students think like an “insider” in their subject area to deepen their learning in specific disciplines. Educators will also explore instructional practices that highlight the unique tools used in the subject area and develop additional instructional strategies to engage student learning in specific disciplines. As a three-part series, the learning builds from one session to another so it is recommended that registrants participate in all three sessions.

Click < here > to register.

Mathematics K-12  
Paying Attention to Spatial Reasoning Adobe Presenter

This Adobe Presenter will navigate educators through the Paying Attention to Spatial Reasoning document. Key points of the document are highlighted through enhanced discussion and demonstrations in a format that allows viewers to manage the timing and pace.

Click on < Paying Attention to > in the left menu on Mathematics K-12.

Where to Find Kindergarten Supports

Many new resources have been posted on the Kindergarten site of EduGAINS.

For a visual guide on where to find key Kindergarten supports, please click < here >.



ELL Webinars

Please join us on Thursday, January 26th, 2017 for the second part of our two-part series webinar on Creating a Responsive, Asset-Based Approach to Meet the Needs of English Language Learners. The session will begin at 4:00 pm EST. You are invited to attend individually or as a group with colleagues.

Please click < here > to register.
We look forward to co-learning with you.

Deadline to register: Monday, January 23rd, 2017. Limited space available.


Technology Enabled Learning Ontario

We are pleased to announce the launch of the newly added Technology Enabled Learning Ontario website. For many years, EduGAINS has been a one-stop shop for educators, providing them with ministry-developed resources that support the policies and programs related to improved learning and teaching in Ontario's publicly funded schools.

Click on < Resources > in the left menu on the TELO home page.


Literacy K-12  
Webinar Series: Supporting Adolescent Writers with Topic Development (Four Part Series) Grades 7-12

This four-part series will provide opportunities for discussion and further learning about how classroom educators can support students who struggle with writing in grade 7-12 classrooms. Specifically, participants will learn more about addressing student needs related to topic development through the use of learning goals, success criteria, feedback and targeted instruction. As a four-part series, the learning builds from one session to another so it is recommended that registrants participate in all four sessions.

Click < here > to register

Learning for All K-12  

Fostering Student Independence, An Educator’s Guide

A new resource “Fostering Student Independence: An Educator’s Guide” is now posted on Learning for All K-12 EduGAINS.

Click on < What's Happening in DSBs / The Tiered Approach > in the left menu
under Professional Learning Facilitator on the Learning for All K-12 site.


Literacy K-12  
Student Achievement Literacy Planning Resource

The Student Achievement Literacy Planning Resource is a tool that supports the collaborative efforts SSLs, system and school leaders and teams to plan for and implement deep, precise and targeted actions that support literacy instruction and achievement.  This resource consolidates effective practices from Ontario boards, schools and classrooms for identifying and addressing the needs of students facing literacy challenges.


Literacy K-12  
Adolescent Literacy

A revised and updated Adolescent Literacy Guide has been released! In addition, an online professional learning module is now available to support self-directed professional learning about Adolescent Literacy.


Differentiated Instruction  
Knowing and Responding to Learners in French as a Second Language (FSL) – Core French

This new professional learning resource provides an “at a glance” look at effective and differentiated instruction in Core French. It contains three classroom scenarios: Grade 8, Grade 9 Applied, and Grade 11-12 Open. The scenarios illustrate how teachers assess, plan and adapt their instruction to determine and address the interests, learning needs and preferences of students. The resource is intended to stimulate educator discussion and reflection on classroom practice.

Click on < Knowing & Responding Series > in the left menu on the DI home page.


Supports for the Kindergarten Addendum to Growing Success

Materials from Provincial Training for The Kindergarten Program 2016, Growing Success: The Kindergarten Addendum, and the Communication of Learning Templates

Included are:

  • the slide deck, which has been modified to indicate (in red) where discussions and activities took place during the sessions
  • the fundamental principles of play from the front matter of the Kindergarten program document
  • the Appendix from the Kindergarten program document which lists all of the overall expectations with their related specific expectations
  • side-by-side charts showing changes in the expectations between the 2010 version of the document and the 2016 version
  • key definitions related to the Communication of Learning templates
  • sample comments for the Communication of Learning templates
Click < here > to access the training materials.


New resource to support students who arrive with Limited Prior Schooling?

PowerPoint – Supporting Syrian Newcomers

This powerpoint  titled Supporting English Language Learners:  The Role of Administrators in Welcoming and Programming for Newcomers Requiring ELD Programs in Ontario Classrooms was a part of an Adobe Connect session held on January 20 and 21, 2016.  This powerpoint can be used by school leaders to reflect upon how they can support newcomer students, their families and the educators that support these students.

Click on < Improving Instructional Program > under School Leader on the ELL website.


Mental Health  
Resources to Support Syrian Newcomer Students and their Families

To support welcoming the Syrian newcomer students and their families to school, including in the area of mental health and well-being, School Mental Health ASSIST and consulting advisory groups have developed an Info-Sheet for educators. The resource is organized to support a planful, whole school approach that recognizes all school staff and students have a role to play in helping newcomers to feel welcome and supported.

Click on < Additional Resources > in the left menu on the Mental Health home page.


About Us!
EduGAINS is a website that houses ministry developed resources to support policies and programs related to improved learning and teaching - Kindergarten to Grade 12 - in Ontario schools.
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The key audience for this website is the classroom educator and those in roles with the responsibility to support them, including:
- School Leaders
- System Leaders
- Professional Learning Facilitators


Updates & News
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