Growing Success – The Kindergarten Addendum

Growing Success – The Kindergarten Addendum 2016 PDF
Communicating with Parents about Children’s Learning: A Guide for Kindergarten Educators (DRAFT 2) PDF
Communicating Learning for Educators (web conference) Website
Communication of Learning – Initial Observations (learning module) Web Page
Assessing Learning in the Four Frames (learning module) Web Page
Communicating Information about Children's Learning (learning module) Web Page

Key Features of Growing Success and Kindergarten Assessment   

These eModules introduce some of the key features of Growing Success, the Kindergarten Addendum (2016). They may be viewed independently or as part of more comprehensive professional learning in schools and boards.
Module 1: Introduction to Policy MP4
Transcript PDF
Module 2: Assessment for/as Learning MP4
Transcript PDF
Module 3: Communication with Parents MP4
Transcript PDF
Module 4: Reporting and the Templates MP4
Transcript PDF
Module 5: The Communication of Learning and the Four Frames MP4
Transcript PDF

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Pedagogical Documentation   

Making the Process of Pedagogical Documentation Come Alive   Webcast
Observation and Documentation (video series)   Web Page
Observation and Documentation (Think Feel Act)   Website

     Pedagogical Documentation (Learning Module)
     Pedagogical Documentation underlines the importance of documenting or making visible the thinking and
      learning of the child. Be affirmed in the practice of slowing down to discern the learning and explore
     the role of pedagogical documentation in assessment practices.

Pedagogical Documentation Learning Module   PPTX
Pedagogical Documentation Facilitator’s Guide   PDF
Pedagogical Documentation (Think Feel Act) (video series)   Website
Pedagogical Documentation (Capacity Building Series)   PDF
Pedagogical Documentation Revisited (Capacity Building Series)   PDF
Primary Assessment (Capacity Building Series)   PDF
Pedagogical Documentation: Opening Windows Onto Learning (Research Monograph)   Website
What are we learning about learning? (web conference)   Website
Continuum of Development (Think Feel Act)   Website
Pedagogical Documentation (e-Learning experience)   Website