DI Video Clip Library

We are privileged to have the opportunity to visit Ontario classrooms and professional learning sessions through these video clips. They show examples of a range of implementation stages and are not necessarily meant to demonstrate exemplary practices. Rather, they provide a unique opportunity for us to analyze what we see and hear with a view to moving our own learning forward. We sincerely thank all those educators and students who have provided us with windows into their thinking and practice.

Secondary -  Student Success Secondary Differentiated Instruction DVD (2010)  

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Career Studies – Centennial SS MP4
Food and Nutrition – St Joseph-Scollard Hall CSS MP4
Geography – St. James CSS MP4
History – Delta SS MP4
Mathematics – Centennial SS MP4
Mathematics – Delta SS MP4
Mathematics – St Joseph-Scollard Hall CSS MP4
Mathematics – St. Mary's SS MP4
Mathematics – Our Lady of Lourdes CSS MP4
Religious Education - St Joseph-Scollard Hall CSS MP4
Science - Delta SS MP4
Science – Bishop Macdonell CSS MP4
Technological Education – Westgate CVI MP4
Understanding Canadian Law – Delta SS MP4
Visual Arts - Westgate CVI MP4
Visual Arts - St Joseph-Scollard Hall CSS MP4

Grade 7 - 8 - Grade 7-8 Differentiated Instruction DVD Videos

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Introduction to Differentiated Instruction Videos

M.J.Hobbs Senior Public School

Kawartha Pine Ridge DSB

Key Elements
    • Cooperative Learning – Group Problem
      Solving with a focus on individual
    • Differentiated by readiness- problems
      vary in complexity
    • use of Math manipulatives

Context – Grade 8 
      Mathematics – Proportion

Keewatin Public School

Keewatin Patricia DSB

Key Elements
    • Building a learning community
      – sharing circle
    • Differentiated by interests
       – theme, roles, responsibilities
    • Student reflections on group learning
  Context – Grades 7/8 Language
       – Script Writing and Production
          of a puppet play

St Pius X Catholic Public School
 Huron Superior CDSB
Key Elements
    • Identifying similarities and differences
      through the use of Venn diagrams
    • Differentiated by learner preference
      (learning styles) to make
      Venn diagrams in a variety of ways
    • Student reflections on learning styles
    • Team teaching
  Context – Grade 6/7 Language
       – Fractured Fairy Tales
St. Wilfrid's Catholic Public School

Toronto CDSB

Key Elements
    • Building academic vocabulary
    • Differentiated by learner preferences
      (choice of games) and interests
      (choice of words)
    • Student reflections on learning
  Context – Grade 7 Language

St. Joseph's Catholic High School

Ottawa Carleton CDSB

Key Elements
    • Formative Assessment through
      the use of Exit Cards
    • Student reflections on the
      use of Exit Cards
    • Tribes
  Context – Grade 7 Language & Geography

Woodland Public School

Waterloo DSB

Key Elements
    • Summarizing
    • Differentiated by learner preferences
      – choice of graphic organizer
    • Differentiated by readiness
      – small group instruction
    • Differentiated by interest
      – choice of reading materials
  Context – Grade 7 Language