Awareness of Math Facilitation

Algebraic Reasoning as Functional Thinking
Presentation Guide (pdf)
PowerPoint (2.5h) (pptx)
Fractions Task Debrief (mp4)
Transcript (pdf)
Fractions Task Debrief with Bubbles (mp4)
Transcript (pdf)
Facilitating Mathematics Professional Learning (pdf)
BLM1: Quotes (pdf)
BLM2: Distinctions Between Presentation and Facilitation (pdf)
BLM3: Visible Actions (pdf)
BLM4: Invisible Actions (pdf)
BLM5: Presenter Notes Re Video Watching (pdf)
BLM6: Visible Actions (pdf)
BLM7: Actions Across Roles (graphic) (pdf)
BLM7: Actions Across Roles (words) (pdf)

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