ELD Video Series

Supporting an English Literacy Development Program
Video and Print Resources
The videos featured in this resource provide a rich source of effective practices related to English Literacy Development (ELD) programs in Ontario. Examples presented may be considered by educators as ideas and suggestions for use in the classroom, school and board-wide. These videos also highlight approaches for elementary and secondary panels as they welcome newcomers and work with community partners in situations where students are arriving with limited prior and interrupted schooling
You may download and print the viewer's guide (PDF document) for each video segment. The support materials provided with the video segments are designed to guide conversations, promote inquiry, reflection, collaboration and planning amongst educators in a variety of different contexts in which English language learners may require ELD support.  Included with each video segment you will find the following sections:
  • Length (minutes)
  • Synopsis 
  • Key Insights
  • Starting the Conversation
  • Application of Learning and Print Resource
  • Connections and Extensions
  • Additional Links and Resources

Supporting an English Literacy Development Program Video Guide
Overview and Information PDF
Segment 1 - 4 are located under the Professional Learning Facilitator Web Page
School and System Leaders
Video segment
Video guide

Welcoming Families to Your Community
Video segment                                                                       
Video guide


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