Building Relationships and Developing People

School and system leaders build trusting relationships and stimulate growth in the professional capacities of staff in a number of ways, including:

  • demonstrating respect, care and personal regard for English language learners and their parents by listening and being open to their ideas and genuinely considering their value
  • encouraging staff to try new practices that are consistent with the needs, interests and school goals of their ELLs
Key resources have been organized according to frequently asked questions.

How can the school ensure that all English language learners feel safe, welcome, accepted and inspired to succeed?
Culturally Responsive Pedagogy Towards Equity and Inclusivity in Ontario Schools - Capacity Building Series #35
This monograph is designed to spark conversa­tion and support educators as they seek to give life to equity strategies and policies. Its intent is to deepen understanding of teaching practices that engage student populations with a full range of differences in learning background, strengths, needs and interests.
Student Identity and Engagement in Elementary Schools -Capacity Building Series #20
This monograph discusses how shifting from a transmission to a discourse model of education, where students are listened to, valued and respected for who they are, leads to greater student engagement which in turn leads to greater student achievement.
Promoting Literacy in Multilingual Contexts – What Works? Research into Practice
This resource explains how ELLs’ cultural knowledge and language abilities can be mobilized within the classroom as important tools for learning and as resources to fuel literacy engagement.

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