Instructional Guidance

Instructional Guidance
System leaders provide coherent instructional guidance in a number of ways, including:

  • aligning curricular goals, assessment instruments, instructional practices and teaching resources that support  ELL
  • insisting on high expectations among staff for the achievement of ELL
  • expecting schools to focus on needs of individuals as well as groups of ELL


STEPS to English Language Proficiency
STEP –The Observable Language Behaviours Continua describe ELLs' English proficiency development in three broad strands-oral, reading, and writing. Each strand is guided by the Ontario language curriculum for the primary, junior, intermediate or senior grades. The Observable Language Behaviours continua have two main purposes: one is to inform programming and the other is to track the student's language proficiency. For further information on the OLBs refer to the STEP - A Guide for Users document.
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Supporting ELL with Limited Prior Schooling
This document describes the ELL with interrupted or limited formal education and provides information on assessment, instruction and transitions of these students.
See “Resources” found in the left menu under Classroom Educator.
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Supporting an English Literacy Development Program Video and Print Resources
The videos featured in this resource provide a rich source of effective practices related to English Literacy Development (ELD) programs in Ontario. Examples presented may be considered by educators as ideas and suggestions for use in the classroom, school and board-wide. These videos also highlight approaches for elementary and secondary panels as they welcome newcomers and work with community partners in situations where students are arriving with limited prior and interrupted schooling.
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English Literacy Development Capacity Building Series #36 (April 2014)
This monograph provides an overview of promising practices to build and accelerate the acquisition of literacy and numeracy skills for ELL with limited prior schooling.

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