Nurturing Productive Working Relationships

System leaders nurture productive working relationships with staff, local community groups, and parents in a number of ways including:

  • routinely consulting with ELL community groups on decisions affecting the community
  • encouraging staff of ELL to participate directly in community groups
  • holding schools accountable for developing productive working relationships with parents/families of ELL
  • influencing the work of schools towards fostering improved educational cultures in the home environments of their ELL


Many Roots, Many Voices
Making Connections to Parents and the Community, pp. 44 – 46
Parent Engagement - Capacity Building Series
This monograph describes how to build positive relationships and a welcoming school climate and how to provide parents with practical strategies to build a stronger educational culture in their homes.
Bringing Marginalized Parents and Caregivers into their Children’s Schooling, What works? Research into Practice
This resource discusses the importance of parent involvement and outlines ten concrete strategies for attracting parents and caregivers into conversations with the school.
Parents in Partnership...A Parent Engagement Policy for Ontario Schools, Strategy
#2 Eliminating Barriers/Action Plan, pp. 19 – 33
Parent information about the Ontario school system in different languages Website
Information for newcomer families
- immigration and citizenship, housing, health, employment, education, community and recreation, legal services, and daily life

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