Staff’s Capacities and Commitments

System leaders build district and school staffs’ capacities and commitments to make informed decisions in a number of ways including:

  • using data (e.g. data related to ELL initial assessment and progress) from all available sources to assist decision making in the central office
  • insisting on the use of the best available research and other systematically collected evidence to inform decisions wherever possible
  • building the system’s capacity and disposition for using systematically-collected data to inform as many decisions as possible


ESL/ELD Programs and Services:  Policies and Procedures for Ontario Elementary and Secondary Schools (2007)
Policy 2.8 On-going Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting pp. 27-28
Policy 2.9 Identification and Involvement of ELLs in Large Scale Assessments p. 29
EQAO - Guides for Accommodations, Special Provisions and Exemptions
These guides provide information and directions to assist principals and teachers in making decisions about accommodations for students with special education needs, special provisions for English language learners and exemptions for students writing the Assessments of Reading, Writing and Mathematics.
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Primary Division (Grades 1-3) and Junior Division (Grades 4-6)
Grade 9 Mathematics
Grade 10 OSSLT

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